Legal Docket

The ACLU of Pennsylvania handles over one hundred cases annually. Below is a sortable list of open and recently closed cases that can be filtered by issue and status.

Most Recent Cases

Marquez et al. v. Commonwealth et al.

A lawsuit against the Pennsylvania State Police and seven troopers challenging their pattern and practice of unlawfully targeting Latinx motorists to investigate their immigration status instead of any purported traffic infraction.

McKeesport Black Student Union v. Holtzman

Federal lawsuit challenging the McKeesport Area School District’s refusal to approve a Black Student Union club.

The Philadelphia Community Bail Fund, the Youth Art Self Empowerment Project, and individual plaintiffs v. Arraignment Court Magistrates of First Judicial District

A class action complaint and petition for a Writ of Mandamus against the Philadelphia Arraignment Court Magistrates Francis Bernard, Jane Rice, Sheila Bedford, Kevin Devlin, James O’Brien, and Robert Stack for failing to obey the commonwealth's Rules of Criminal Procedure by relying too heavily on money bail.

Parker v. Beckley

Federal lawsuit against a magisterial district judge and court officer in Cumberland County who illegally detained Alex Parker to summon and await federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to investigate his immigration status. Mr. Parker was before the judge to get married to his fiancée.

ACLU of Pennsylvania v. Pennsylvania State Police

A lawsuit against the Pennsylvania State Police (“PSP”) over its refusal to be transparent about its policy governing when state troopers can spy on Pennsylvanians’ social media accounts.
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