September 17, 2009

Pittsburgh--The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania is working to protect the constitutional rights of those wishing to peacefully protest the policies of the G-20. The organization announced today that is has initiated three efforts aimed at ensuring that the rights of all involved are protected.

Along with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), the ACLU-PA has produced an informational “Know Your Rights: Protesting at the G-20” wallet card and is making over 7000 cards available to local organizations, protesters, and the general public. The card contains information on forms of protected speech, individual rights regarding interactions with law enforcement, and helpful information to keep in mind when protesting.

A “G-20 Legal Helpline” has been activated to address questions and concerns from the general public, protesters, and the media. Prior to the G-20, messages left on the helpline will be frequently reviewed by attorneys. Beginning Wednesday morning, September 23rd, attorneys will be available to immediately respond to calls and concerns regarding protest permits, arrests, and other legal issues. To access the ACLU’s G-20 Legal Helpline, call: 412-562-5015.

The ACLU-PA and NLG will also be dispatching nearly 200 legal observers to monitor and observe protests and demonstrations during the week of G-20. Legal observers are neutral, impartial observers who document incidents, arrests, or official misconduct during a protest. They do not give legal advice, but will be able to provide protesters with the Know Your Rights cards and information on the G-20 legal helpline.

More information and the Know Your Rights materials can be found here or by calling 412-681-7736.

Requests for Know Your Rights wallet cards, legal observers or other questions should be directed to the ACLU-PA at: 412-681-7736 or