The American Civil Liberties Union filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of six plaintiffs, challenging the unconstitutional incarceration of people facing probation and parole revocation proceedings in Montgomery County. 

The lawsuit alleges that the county continues to violate both the Pennsylvania Constitution and the United States Constitution by incarcerating nearly every person accused of violating the conditions of their supervision for months until their revocation hearing and asks that Montgomery County hold prompt revocation hearings to assess probable cause and whether detention is necessary and appropriate, and that the court provide whatever relief it deems necessary to the class of plaintiffs named in the challenge.


Witold Walczak and Nyssa Taylor, ACLU of Pennsylvania and Allison Frankel and Brandon Buskey, ACLU

Pro Bono Law Firm(s)

Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP and attorney Mark Houldin

Date filed

October 26, 2021