Civil Liberties: Hot Topics

: Thursdays in April ❘ 6 – 7:30 pm
WHERE: CLP – Squirrel Hill, 5801 Forbes Avenue, 15217 (Google Map)

» April 5 ❘ The 4th Amendment and Technology: Who's Up For Some Total Surveillance?
David Harris studies, writes and teaches about police behavior and regulation, law enforcement, and national security issues at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. He is the leading national authority on racial profiling. Professor Harris hosts the podcast “Criminal Injustice” and serves as legal analyst for WESA Pittsburgh Public Radio; he trains judges, police, prosecutors and lawyers
around the country on profiling, implicit bias, and 4th Amendment law. He is also a long time member of the Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the ACLU. | RSVP on FACEBOOK

» April 12 ❘ Modern Day Debtors' Prison: Too Poor, Too Bad
Alec Wright is a civil rights lawyer representing clients on matters such as police misconduct and systemic constitutional violations, employment discrimination, and prisoner’s civil rights issues. He is the Chair of the Civil Rights Litigation Committee of the Allegheny County Bar Association and serves as counsel to the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh, a Homewood-based non-profit that provides wrap
around services to formerly incarcerated individuals by providing masonry trade certifications and gainful employment following a full scholarship ten-week program. | RSVP on FACEBOOK

» April 19 ❘ Freedom of the Press in the Age of Polarization
Susan Yohe is an attorney who practiced law for 36 years before retiring at the end of 2016. Before turning to the law, she was a journalist for three years. As a lawyer, she spent many years representing a newspaper, concentrating on defamation, public access and 1st Amendment press law. She received her undergraduate degree in journalism from Penn State University and her law degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Ms. Yohe is a member of the Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the ACLU. | RSVP on FACEBOOK

» April 26 ❘ Mass Incarceration: Why Are So Many Of Us in Prison?
Nicholas Pressley is the Deputy Director of the ACLU-PA Campaign for Smart Justice. He joined the ACLU-PA as field manager in 2017, following a stint as the campaign manager of the ACLU’s Vote Smart Justice Campaign around the Philadelphia district attorney’s race. He has worked as an organizer and canvasser in several states on issues of voting rights and criminal justice and has been committed to fighting social injustice and fixing our broken criminal justice system for most of his adult life. | RSVP on FACEBOOK

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