Upcoming Events

Events sponsored by the ACLU of Pennsylvania or featuring ACLU of Pennsylvania speakers

Pride 2019 - Summer - Pennsylvania

We'll be at Pride festivals all over Pennsylvania summer. Come see us!

ACLU-PA South Central Chapter Upcoming Trainings & Meetings - August 21 - Hershey

Interested in learning more about your local ACLU-PA chapter? Join us for a training session or chapter meeting!

2019 ACLU-PA Greater Pittsburgh Chapter Annual Meeting - September 22 - Pittsburgh

2019 Annual Meeting of the ACLU-PA Greater Pittsburgh Chapter

Dangerous Ideas in Difficult Times: Rob Rogers and Yona Harvey on the Problems of Censorship - September 24 - Pittsburgh

In honor of Banned Books Week, you are invited to attend a blockbuster talk featuring two important authors/artists.

ACLU Centennial Celebration - February 29 - Philadelphia

We will be celebrating 100 years of defending liberty in the place where it was born.
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