N.N. v. Tunkhannock Area School District, et al

High school student punished by school and district attorney for nude photos of herself found in an illegal search of her cell phone

Court/Assoc.: US District Court, Middle District for Pennsylvania

Attorneys/Firms: Witold Walczak & Valerie Burch (ACLU-PA); Jacob C. Cohn, Ilan Rosenberg, Kathryn M. Rutigliano, Andrea A. Cortland, Micah J. Knapp & David M. Albert (Cozen O'Connor)

The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania filed a federal lawsuit on May 20, 2010, against the Tunkhannock Area School District (Wyoming County) for searching a student's confiscated cell phone without probable cause and punishing her for storing semi-nude pictures of herself on the device. The school subsequently turned her phone over to law enforcement.

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