Campaign For Women's Health

For too long, lawmakers in Harrisburg have pushed an agenda that reinforces the status quo of restrictions and roadblocks to women’s health, rather than addressing the very real health issues that women across Pennsylvania face. The Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health aims to shift the debate and focus lawmakers’ attention on a range of critical issues impacting women’s health and well-being, including:

  • Family-friendly working conditions;
  • Economic fairness;
  • Reproductive and comprehensive healthcare access; and
  • Personal safety and freedom from domestic violence and sexual assault.

The ACLU of Pennsylvania is a steering committee member for this statewide advocacy campaign, which supports the legislative Agenda for Women’s Health.  The Agenda includes bills that would strengthen workplace protections for pregnant and nursing women; support equal pay by prohibiting businesses from firing an employee for discussing wages; and help ensure that the relationship between a woman and her health care provider is free from inappropriate and unscientific legislative intrusion.

For more information about the Campaign and the legislative agenda, please visit

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