Police Practices

Police have the vital and difficult job of protecting public safety. Performing this job effectively does not require sacrificing civil liberties. All Pennsylvania police agencies--from the state patrol to city police forces--need to respect the rights of individuals while enforcing the law. And when allegations of misconduct arise, there must be policies and mechanisms to hold police accountable for their actions.


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Legal Cases

  • Open Records Request, Re: Local Law Enforcement Interest in Immigration Enforcement
    Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for correspondence between local law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) about participation in the 287(g) program
  • United States v. Pedro Ramon Payano
    Amicus brief arguing that the federal district court should not reissue its own ruling in a criminal case omitting references to racial bias and the credibility of a Pennsylvania State Police trooper, as requested by the Department of Justice.
  • Letter to Mayor Kenney RE: DNC
    Letter to Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney asking him to clarify the city’s position on protest activity during the Democratic National Convention
  • Gratteri v. County of Armstrong
    Man arrested and jailed after videotaping a police officer in public and then posting it on Facebook
  • Brown v. Vitalbo
    African-American Pittsburgh residents verbally abused by police officer and threatened with arrest for recording interaction

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