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  1. ACLU of PA Sues School District For Illegally Searching Student's Cell Phone

    May 19, 2010Press releasePrivacy & Security, Student & Youth Rights
  2. ACLU Seeks to Protect Students' Privacy in Lower Merion School District Laptop Lawsuit

    April 5, 2010Press releasePrivacy & Security, Student & Youth Rights
  3. ACLU Settles Student-Cell-Phone-Search Lawsuit With Northeast Pennsylvania School District

    September 15, 2010Press releaseStudent & Youth Rights, Privacy & Security
  4. House Education Committee Moves Healthy Youth Act

    April 28, 2010Press releaseReproductive Freedom, Student & Youth Rights
  5. State Senate Ignores Constitutional Obligations in Passing Private School Vouchers

    October 26, 2011Press releaseStudent & Youth Rights, Religious Liberty
  6. With the ACLU-PA's Support, the School District of Philadelphia Passes Policy to End Suspensions of First and Second Graders

    June 21, 2018Press releaseStudent & Youth Rights
  7. Casey's Juvenile Justice Bill Draws Praise from ACLU of PA

    February 16, 2009Press releaseStudent & Youth Rights
  8. ACLU of PA Calls Sexting Bill Passed by PA House Unconstitutional

    June 29, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Student & Youth Rights
  9. ACLU Statement on “White Power” Student March at York County School of Technology

    November 11, 2016Press releaseStudent & Youth Rights
  10. Pittsburgh Public Schools Agrees to End Single-Sex Classes at Westinghouse Academy

    November 8, 2011Press releaseStudent & Youth Rights