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  1. Governor Rendell Signs Bill to Further Reforms of State Prisons

    October 28, 2010Press releaseDrug Policy, Prisoners' Rights
  2. State House Passes Bill to Expand Incarceration and Its Costs, Says ACLU of Pennsylvania

    April 5, 2017Press releasePrisoners' Rights
  3. Disability Rights Network v. Wetzel

    March 11, 2013CasePrisoners' Rights
  4. Prison Legal News v. PA Dept. of Corrections

    May 14, 2009CaseOpen Government, Prisoners' Rights
  5. Correctional Care, Inc., v. Rogan

    January 29, 2008CaseFirst Amendment Rights, Prisoners' Rights
  6. Clarifying Law Around Restraining Incarcerated Pregnant Women

    March 15, 2014CasePrisoners' Rights
  7. Prison Legal News v. Kane

    January 8, 2015CaseFirst Amendment Rights, Prisoners' Rights
  8. Davis v. Coleman

    July 13, 2015CasePrisoners' Rights
  9. Burton v. Wetzel

    September 26, 2016CasePrisoners' Rights, Trans Justice
  10. Seitz v. Allegheny County

    December 19, 2016CasePrisoners' Rights, Reproductive Freedom