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  1. New Report from ACLU of Pennsylvania Details State Legislature’s Continuing Expansion of Criminal Punishment

    June 8, 2021Press releaseCriminal Justice Reform
  2. ACLU-PA and Civil Rights Lawyers ask Court to Prohibit Unnecessary “Quality of Life” Police Stops in Philadelphia

    March 18, 2021Press releaseCriminal Justice Reform
  3. ACLU-PA Statement on Berks County Police Shooting

    March 17, 2021Press releasePolice Practices, Criminal Justice Reform
  4. What a Mayor Ed Gainey could mean for Pittsburgh

    June 15, 2021News updateCriminal Justice Reform, Racial Justice
  5. SB 137 | Drug Recognition Experts (DRE)

    February 1, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices, Due Process
  6. HB 146 | Mandatory parole postponement (Markie's Law)

    January 22, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice Reform, Due Process
  7. SB 703 | Cyberstalking

    June 7, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice Reform
  8. HB 103 | Harassment of law enforcement officer

    January 22, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices, LGBQ&T Equality
  9. HB 231 | Unlawful contact with a minor

    April 18, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice Reform
  10. HB 940 | New offenses for injuring police animals (Titan's Law)

    June 4, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices