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  1. HB 2484 | Requiring financial disclosure for write-in candidates

    September 11, 2022LegislationOpen Government, Voting Rights
  2. HB 143 | Purging voter rolls

    April 11, 2022LegislationVoting Rights
  3. PA House Majority Showed Ignorance of the Law or Political Cynicism in Krasner Contempt Vote

    September 21, 2022News updateVoting Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Prosecutorial Reform
  4. Know Your Rights at the Polls

    October 27, 2020PageVoting Rights
  5. Voting with a Criminal Conviction

    February 28, 2019Know Your RightsVoting Rights
  6. SB 1292 | Prohibiting county election board members from serving as state party officers

    September 17, 2022LegislationOpen Government, Voting Rights
  7. Stop the raid on our constitutional rights!

    July 11, 2022ActionReproductive Freedom, Voting Rights, Open Government
  8. Voting Rights: Language Access and Assistance

    August 10, 2022Know Your RightsVoting Rights
  9. Migliori et al. v. Lehigh County Board of Elections

    January 31, 2022CaseVoting Rights
  10. Voting Rights Advocates File to Intervene in Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Lawsuit

    October 19, 2022Press releaseVoting Rights