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  1. Cumberland County Law Enforcement Seizes Property from Pennsylvanians and Keeps It for Internal Use – Including Gaming Consoles

    December 14, 2015Press releaseDue Process
  2. Amendments to Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill Not as Advertised, Says ACLU of Pennsylvania

    September 26, 2016Press releaseDue Process, Police Practices
  3. ACLU of Pennsylvania Files Brief Arguing for Meaningful Protections Against Civil Asset Forfeiture

    January 26, 2017Press releaseDue Process
  4. ACLU of PA: Inmates with Mental Illness Continue to Sit in Jails while Waiting for Treatment

    May 11, 2017Press releaseDue Process, Prisoners' Rights
  5. ACLU of Pennsylvania Sues Allegheny County for Cruel Detention of Man With Mental Illness

    May 11, 2018Press releaseDue Process, Prisoners' Rights
  6. Governor Wolf Signs Bill to End Unnecessary Suspensions of Drivers’ Licenses

    October 24, 2018Press releaseDue Process
  7. Fayette County CYS Improperly Removed Three Children From Their Father, Says ACLU Lawsuit

    June 16, 2008Press releaseDue Process
  8. ACLU-PA Files Suit Challenging Wilkes-Barre’s “One-Strike” Rental Ordinance

    January 22, 2015Press releaseDue Process
  9. Wilkes-Barre to Stop Enforcing “One-Strike and You’re Out” Rental Ordinance to End ACLU-PA Lawsuit

    August 15, 2016Press releaseDue Process
  10. Government Revoked Muslim Nuclear Physicist's Security Clearance To Retaliate For Criticism Of U.S. Policy, Says ACLU

    June 26, 2008Press releaseDue Process, Religious Liberty, Security & Civil Liberties