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  1. Trump for President v. Boockvar et al.

    November 11, 2020CaseVoting Rights
  2. Costa v. Corman (Commonwealth v. Dush)

    October 4, 2021CaseVoting Rights, Privacy & Security
  3. League of Women Voters of PA v. Degraffenreid

    October 10, 2019CaseDue Process, Voting Rights
  4. Frey and Sherman v. D’Agostino et al.

    May 10, 2022CaseVoting Rights, Open Government
  5. McLinko v. Commonwealth (Bonner v. Commonwealth)

    February 18, 2022CaseVoting Rights
  6. Judicial Watch v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    May 11, 2020CaseVoting Rights
  7. Migliori et al. v. Lehigh County Board of Elections

    January 31, 2022CaseVoting Rights
  8. Ball vs. Chapman

    October 19, 2022CaseVoting Rights
  9. Pennsylvania State Conference of the NAACP et al. v. Chapman et al

    November 7, 2022CaseVoting Rights
  10. Walczak and ACLU-PA v. Fulton County

    January 6, 2022CaseVoting Rights, Open Government