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  1. Congressman Unblocks Social Media Critics After Legal Threat from ACLU-PA

    May 14, 2018Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Open Government
  2. ACLU Sues City of Pittsburgh for Violating Rights of Man Who Flipped Off Police Officer

    February 8, 2007Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  3. Whistleblower Sues Pittsburgh Mayor and Police Chief for Retaliation

    December 21, 2006Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  4. ACLU Files Suit on Behalf of Student Suspended for Retort to Teasing

    December 19, 2006Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Student & Youth Rights
  5. ACLU Sues City of Philadelphia to Protect Activist's Free Speech

    April 2, 2007Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  6. ACLU of PA Questions Constitutionality of Robocall Legislation

    January 28, 2008Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  7. ACLU Files Suit Over City of Pittsburgh's Harassment of Anti-War Protesters

    September 18, 2007Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  8. Judge Finds Suspension of Student for Myspace Parody of School Principal Unconstitutional

    July 11, 2007Press releaseStudent & Youth Rights, First Amendment Rights
  9. ACLU Appeals Conviction of Bridgeville Man Charged with Harassment for Contacting His Public Officials for Help

    July 23, 2008Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  10. Littlestown Residents May Post Signs Freely

    April 25, 2008Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights