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  1. ‘Good Samaritan’ Bill is Positive Change in Drug Law, Says ACLU of Pennsylvania

    September 17, 2014Press releaseDrug Policy
  2. ACLU of PA Expresses Disappointment after ‘Good Samaritan’ Bill Stalls in State House

    July 9, 2014Press releaseDrug Policy
  3. ACLU of PA Congratulates Patients, Parents, and Allies on Passage of Medical Cannabis

    April 18, 2016Press releaseDrug Policy
  4. Governor Rendell Signs Bill to Further Reforms of State Prisons

    October 28, 2010Press releaseDrug Policy, Prisoners' Rights
  5. Cannabis Crackdown

    November 3, 2017PageCriminal Justice Reform, Drug Policy
  6. ACLU of Pennsylvania Issues Correction to its Report on Marijuana Arrests

    November 3, 2017Press releaseDrug Policy, Police Practices, Racial Justice
  7. HB 1601 | Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

    October 30, 2015LegislationCriminal Justice Reform, Drug Policy
  8. HB 1422 | Marijuana possession fine increase

    June 13, 2016LegislationCriminal Justice Reform, Drug Policy
  9. ACLU of Pennsylvania Asks State Supreme Court to End Lebanon County Policy Prohibiting Medical Marijuana for People on Probation

    January 29, 2020Press releaseDrug Policy, Criminal Justice Reform
  10. ACLU-PA Tells State Supreme Court That Lebanon County’s Policy on Medical Marijuana and Probation is Illegal

    May 19, 2020Press releaseDrug Policy, Criminal Justice Reform