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  1. ACLU of Pennsylvania Sues ICE for Jailing Man who Cannot be Deported

    August 15, 2017Press releaseImmigrants' Rights
  2. ACLU of Pennsylvania Files Lawsuit Demanding Documents on Implementation of Trump Muslim Ban

    April 12, 2017Press releaseImmigrants' Rights
  3. ACLU of PA Statement in Support of Philadelphia City Council Resolution Against Islamophobia

    January 26, 2017Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Religious Liberty
  4. ACLU of Pennsylvania: Trump Executive Orders are “Fantasy” Based on Racial and Ethnic Bias

    January 27, 2017Press releaseImmigrants' Rights
  5. Immigrants Detained at Philadelphia Airport to be Released Sunday

    January 29, 2017Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Religious Liberty
  6. ACLU of PA: State Senate Bill Will Force Counties to Violate the Constitution

    February 7, 2017Press releaseImmigrants' Rights
  7. Couple denied marriage license because of immigration status

    April 18, 2017CaseImmigrants' Rights
  8. Asali v. Trump

    January 27, 2017CaseDeath Penalty, Immigrants' Rights
  9. Harrisburg School District’s Admissions Policy

    February 23, 2017CaseImmigrants' Rights, Student & Youth Rights
  10. Balde v. Doll

    August 14, 2017CaseImmigrants' Rights