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  1. ACLU-PA Statement on State House Passage of Marsy’s Law

    April 8, 2019Press releaseCriminal Justice Reform, Due Process
  2. ACLU-PA Statement on State Senate Passage of Marsy’s Law

    June 20, 2019Press releaseCriminal Justice Reform, Due Process
  3. ACLU-PA Files Lawsuit Challenging Lebanon County Court Policy Prohibiting Medical Marijuana Use by People on Probation

    October 8, 2019Press releaseDue Process, Drug Policy, Criminal Justice Reform
  4. Pennsylvania Good Government Group and a Voter File Lawsuit to Block “Logrolled” Constitutional Amendment

    October 10, 2019Press releaseDue Process, Voting Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  5. ACLU Issues Report Calling on Allegheny County to Fix Dysfunctional Public Defender Office

    October 17, 2011Press releaseDue Process, Civil Asset Forfeiture
  6. Father Reunited With Children After Fayette County CYS Agrees to Allow Visitation

    June 25, 2008Press releaseDue Process
  7. ACLU Sues Federal Government For Wrongly Putting Muslim Airline Pilot and His Wife On 'Terrorist Watch List'

    August 19, 2008Press releaseReligious Liberty, Due Process, Security & Civil Liberties
  8. Immigrants' Rights Advocates and ACLU File Lawsuit to End Illegal Delays in Processing Citizenship Applications

    April 7, 2008Press releaseDue Process, Immigrants' Rights
  9. ACLU Petitions PA Supreme Court For Immediate Release Of Men Incarcerated Without Legal Representation

    July 23, 2009Press releaseDue Process
  10. ACLU-PA Sues Luzerne County Alleging Gross Underfunding of Public Defender Deprives Defendants of Constitutional Rights

    April 10, 2012Press releaseDue Process