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  1. Couple denied marriage license because of immigration status

    April 18, 2017CaseImmigrants' Rights
  2. Commonwealth v. $34,440.00 U.S. Currency, Appeal of Rafael Falette

    January 23, 2017CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Security & Civil Liberties, Civil Asset Forfeiture
  3. Asali v. Trump

    January 27, 2017CaseDeath Penalty, Immigrants' Rights
  4. Stum v. Thompson

    April 13, 2017CasePrisoners' Rights
  5. Doe v. Boyertown Area School District

    April 4, 2017CaseLGBQ&T Equality, LGBQ&T High School Students, Trans Justice
  6. Corney v. Glen Rock

    June 23, 2017CaseFirst Amendment Rights
  7. Harrisburg School District’s Admissions Policy

    February 23, 2017CaseImmigrants' Rights, Student & Youth Rights
  8. Balde v. Doll

    August 14, 2017CaseImmigrants' Rights
  9. Bar Admission for Undocumented Law School Graduates

    February 21, 2017CaseImmigrants' Rights
  10. Commonwealth v. Irland

    October 16, 2017CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Civil Asset Forfeiture