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  1. Chosen Ministries, et al. v. City of Philadelphia

    June 5, 2012CaseFirst Amendment Rights, Religious Liberty
  2. Northeast Pennsylvania Freethought Society v. Luzerne County

    December 17, 2009CaseReligious Liberty
  3. Shenkel United Church of Christ v. North Coventry Township

    April 30, 2009CaseReligious Liberty
  4. Just for Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach v. Borough of Brookville

    November 17, 2008CaseReligious Liberty
  5. Couple refused self-uniting marriage license

    September 21, 2007CaseReligious Liberty
  6. Egyptian torture

    June 4, 2007CaseReligious Liberty, Immigrants' Rights
  7. Coatesville City Council Preaching at Public Meetings

    March 12, 2007CaseReligious Liberty
  8. Preacher prosecuted for anti-homosexuality speech

    March 8, 2005CaseFirst Amendment Rights, Religious Liberty
  9. Muslim Firefighter Religious Freedom Case

    June 1, 2005CaseReligious Liberty, First Amendment Rights
  10. Kitzmiller v. Dover

    December 14, 2004CaseReligious Liberty