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  1. U.S. v. Roberts & Mangini

    July 31, 2007CaseLGBQ&T Equality
  2. Challenge to Allentown's Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

    August 1, 2005CaseLGBQ&T Equality
  3. Wiessmann v. State College Area School District

    May 18, 2011CaseLGBQ&T Equality
  4. Whitewood, et al. v. Wolf, et al.

    July 9, 2013CaseLGBQ&T Equality, Marriage Equality
  5. Ankney v. Allegheny Intermediate Unit

    August 20, 2013CaseLGBQ&T Equality
  6. Coatesville Area Senior High School

    March 16, 2015CaseLGBQ&T Equality, LGBQ&T High School Students
  7. Name Change Petition for Transgender Teen

    March 1, 2016CaseLGBQ&T Equality, LGBQ&T High School Students, Trans Justice
  8. Fulton v. City of Philadelphia

    June 8, 2018CaseLGBQ&T Equality
  9. Doe v. Boyertown Area School District

    April 4, 2017CaseLGBQ&T Equality, LGBQ&T High School Students, Trans Justice
  10. Williams v. Allegheny County

    November 6, 2017CasePrisoners' Rights, Trans Justice, LGBQ&T Equality