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  1. ACLU-PA Files Suit on Behalf of Mexican Workers Falsely Arrested

    October 20, 2011Press releasePolice Practices, Immigrants' Rights
  2. ACLU-PA Files Suit On Behalf Of Woman Illegally Detained By ICE

    January 15, 2013Press releaseDue Process, Immigrants' Rights, Police Practices
  3. ACLU-PA Files Suit On Behalf Of US Citizen Illegally Detained By ICE for Three Days

    December 1, 2010Press releasePolice Practices, Immigrants' Rights, Due Process
  4. ACLU-PA Files Lawsuit Over Racial Profiling and Illegal Detention by Jim Thorpe Borough Police

    February 20, 2020Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Police Practices
  5. ACLU-PA Announces Settlement with Pennsylvania State Police in Ethnic Profiling Lawsuit

    April 6, 2022Press releasePolice Practices, Immigrants' Rights