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  1. ACLU-PA Statement on UN Human Rights Council Investigation into Police Violence Against Philadelphia Protesters

    March 8, 2021Press releasePolice Practices
  2. We have a new president

    May 14, 2021PublicationPolice Practices, Criminal Justice Reform, First Amendment Rights
  3. Federal Judge Orders New Approach to Eliminate Racial Bias in Stop and Frisk Policing in Philadelphia

    June 4, 2021Press releaseCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices
  4. ACLU-PA Calls on City Council to Support Strong and Well-Funded Citizens Police Oversight Commission

    May 17, 2021Press releasePolice Practices
  5. ACLU-PA Statement on Berks County Police Shooting

    March 17, 2021Press releasePolice Practices, Criminal Justice Reform
  6. Deescalate the Police: A New Approach in Northwest Philly

    September 22, 2021PublicationCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices
  7. Police District in Northwest Philadelphia Launches Pilot Program of New Approach to Stop-and-Frisk

    July 28, 2021Press releasePolice Practices, Criminal Justice Reform
  8. Why “stop and frisk” should not be used for petty offenses

    August 1, 2021News updatePolice Practices, Criminal Justice Reform
  9. State of the Union 2021

    December 21, 2021PublicationCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices, Voting Rights
  10. HB 940 | New offenses for injuring police animals (Titan's Law)

    June 4, 2021LegislationCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices