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  1. Congressman Unblocks Social Media Critics After Legal Threat from ACLU-PA

    May 14, 2018Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Open Government
  2. Congressman Costello to Hold Constituent Town Hall Meeting “In the Dark,” Says ACLU of Pennsylvania

    April 7, 2017Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Open Government
  3. Abolitionist Law Center v. Judge Anthony Mariani

    March 2, 2021CaseFirst Amendment Rights, Open Government
  4. UrbEd and Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools v. School District of Philadelphia

    March 19, 2021CaseOpen Government, First Amendment Rights
  5. HB 149 | Camera use in courtrooms

    January 23, 2017LegislationFirst Amendment Rights, Open Government
  6. SB 492 | Restricting access to public records

    September 18, 2022LegislationOpen Government, First Amendment Rights
  7. HB 2524 | Limiting Right to Know requests from repeat requesters and incarcerated people

    April 26, 2022LegislationOpen Government, First Amendment Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Prisoners' Rights