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  1. ACLU Issues Report Calling on Allegheny County to Fix Dysfunctional Public Defender Office

    October 17, 2011Press releaseDue Process, Civil Asset Forfeiture
  2. New ACLU Report Shows Philadelphia DA Seizes $1 Million in Cash Annually from Innocent Philadelphians

    June 2, 2015Press releaseCivil Asset Forfeiture
  3. ACLU Supports Legislation to Reform PA’s Asset Forfeiture Laws

    June 3, 2015Press releaseCivil Asset Forfeiture
  4. ACLU of PA Welcomes Nationwide Effort to "Fix Forfeiture"

    June 23, 2015Press releaseCivil Asset Forfeiture
  5. Half of People Facing Civil Forfeiture in Montgomery County Are African-American

    October 19, 2015Press releaseCivil Asset Forfeiture
  6. State Senate Passes Asset Forfeiture Bill with No Significant Reforms, Says ACLU of Pennsylvania

    September 28, 2016Press releaseCivil Asset Forfeiture
  7. ACLU of PA: State Senate Bill Fails to Reform Civil Asset Forfeiture

    April 26, 2017Press releaseCivil Asset Forfeiture
  8. Commonwealth v. Real Property and Improvements Commonly Known as 416 S. 62nd St., Philadelphia, PA, and 1997 Chevrolet and Contents Seized from James Young

    March 23, 2016CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Civil Asset Forfeiture
  9. Commonwealth v. $34,440.00 U.S. Currency, Appeal of Rafael Falette

    January 23, 2017CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Security & Civil Liberties, Civil Asset Forfeiture
  10. Commonwealth v. Irland

    October 16, 2017CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Civil Asset Forfeiture