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  1. Pennsylvania Good Government Group and a Voter File Lawsuit to Block “Logrolled” Constitutional Amendment

    October 10, 2019Press releaseDue Process, Voting Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  2. Challengers Tell Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court That Ballot Question on Criminal Proceedings is Unconstitutional

    June 10, 2020Press releaseDue Process, Voting Rights
  3. HB 276 / SB 149 | Marsy's Law

    October 10, 2019LegislationDue Process, Voting Rights, Criminal Justice Reform
  4. League of Women Voters of PA v. Degraffenreid

    October 10, 2019CaseDue Process, Voting Rights
  5. HB 822 | Recall elections [constitutional amendment]

    June 20, 2021LegislationVoting Rights, Due Process, Open Government