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  1. Rights in Peril: Protecting Both the Vote and Voters' Privacy

    December 9, 2021PublicationVoting Rights, Privacy & Security
  2. Voters and Advocates Argue for Privacy Rights in Asking Commonwealth Court to Halt Senate Republicans’ Election Subpoenas

    December 15, 2021Press releaseVoting Rights, Privacy & Security
  3. State of the Union 2021

    December 21, 2021PublicationCriminal Justice Reform, Police Practices, Voting Rights
  4. SB 106 | Constitutional amendments to deny abortion rights, change voting and election procedures, and limit executive authority [constitutional amendment]

    December 17, 2021LegislationVoting Rights, Reproductive Freedom
  5. SB 940 | Changing how constitutional amendments are prepared for the ballot [constitutional amendment]

    December 13, 2021LegislationVoting Rights, Open Government