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  1. J.H. v. Miller (formerly J.H. v. Dallas)

    October 22, 2015CaseCriminal Justice Reform, Due Process
  2. Cabot Oil & Gas Corp v. Scroggins

    April 1, 2015CaseFirst Amendment Rights
  3. Prison Legal News v. Kane

    January 8, 2015CaseFirst Amendment Rights, Prisoners' Rights
  4. Peters v. Wilkes-Barre

    January 22, 2015CaseDue Process
  5. Coatesville Area Senior High School

    March 16, 2015CaseLGBQ&T Equality, LGBQ&T High School Students
  6. Plum Borough High School

    April 24, 2015CaseFirst Amendment Rights
  7. Northeastern PA Freethought Society v. County of Lackawanna Transit System

    April 28, 2015CaseFirst Amendment Rights
  8. Commonwealth v. Williams

    June 17, 2015CaseDeath Penalty
  9. Davis v. Coleman

    July 13, 2015CasePrisoners' Rights
  10. Dewey Homes & Industrial Properties

    July 8, 2015CaseDue Process, First Amendment Rights