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  1. ACLU Appeals to PA Supreme Court On Behalf of Candidate Stricken From Ballot

    August 31, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Voting Rights
  2. ACLU to Fight Township Supervisor's Attempt to Identify Anonymous Internet Critics

    January 7, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  3. ACLU-PA Says Attorney General's Office Misused Grand Jury Subpoena Power and Disregarded First Amendment In Case Involving Anonymous Twitter Critics

    May 21, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  4. ACLU of PA Sues Police Over Citations For Profanity

    May 12, 2010Press releasePolice Practices, First Amendment Rights
  5. Court Overturns Harassment Conviction of Bridgeville Man Who Contacted Borough Manager about Environmental Hazards

    April 8, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  6. PA Agency Agrees To Suspend Law Restricting Free Speech In State Parks

    June 16, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  7. ACLU of PA Files Right to Know Request For Information About State Anti-Terrorism Bulletins Targeting Activists

    September 20, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  8. Court Strikes Down PA Statute Forbidding 'Blasphemy' In Business Names

    July 1, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Religious Liberty
  9. ACLU-PA Sues To End School's Ban on 'I (Heart) Boobies' Cancer-Awareness Bracelets

    November 15, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Student & Youth Rights
  10. ACLU-PA To Argue Before Full Appeals Court In Student Free Speech Cases

    June 2, 2010Press releaseStudent & Youth Rights, First Amendment Rights