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  1. House State Government Committee Passes Legislation to End Discrimination

    March 11, 2009Press releaseLGBQ&T Equality
  2. PA House Bill Introduced to End LGBT Discrimination

    March 4, 2009Press releaseLGBQ&T Equality
  3. Hundreds of Pennsylvanians Rally in Support of Bill to End LGBT Discrimination

    March 18, 2009Press releaseLGBQ&T Equality
  4. ACLU Files ACORN Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of Pennsylvania Voter-Registration Law

    July 22, 2009Press releaseVoting Rights
  5. Civil Rights Coalition Commends State Senator's Marriage Proposal

    June 19, 2009Press releaseMarriage Equality, LGBQ&T Equality
  6. Civil Rights Coalition Calls Constitutional Amendment on Marriage a 'Divisive Distraction'

    May 19, 2009Press releaseMarriage Equality, LGBQ&T Equality
  7. PA House Committee Passes Voting Reform Bill, Draws Praise from ACLU

    March 25, 2009Press releaseVoting Rights
  8. Banned Books Event Celebrates Freedom To Read - And To Laugh

    September 22, 2009Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  9. State can save millions of dollars by blocking Real ID, ACLU suggests

    January 14, 2009Press releasePrivacy & Security, Security & Civil Liberties
  10. ACLU Defends Church Prevented From Providing Shelter for the Homeless

    April 30, 2009Press releaseReligious Liberty