Without caps on the length of probation terms, it’s not real reform.

☎️ Call 844-993-2258 and ask your Rep to vote NO on HB 1555 / SB 14 unless they cap probation terms ☎️

Once connected, tell your state representative (or leave a message):

 I’m calling because Pennsylvania’s probation system is broken. We are only one of seven states that doesn’t limit how long a person can be on probation, allowing people to spend decades on probation for a single offense. Any true reform bill must cap probation terms. 

If House Bill 1555 or Senate Bill 14 don’t include probation caps, then it’s not real reform. Please vote no on these fake reform bills.  

For over a year now, Pennsylvania lawmakers worked on legislation to reform the state’s broken and racially biased probation system. Unfortunately, two bills that started with bold changes were stripped of all their critical reforms, including probation caps. What’s worse, these bills give judges the power to keep poor people on probation indefinitely, simply because they cannot afford to pay their restitution in full.

With both HB 1555 and SB 14 now before the House, a final vote on either bill could come within days. And with that vote, we risk losing the opportunity to meaningfully address the state’s probation crisis. Please call your state representative and urge them to vote NO on ANY bill that does not cap probation terms.