For approximately two decades, Berks County in eastern Pennsylvania has had a working agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to hold people in detention on ICE’s behalf. Under the leadership of presidents from both major political parties, the facility has held parents and children as young as newborns.

Several years ago, a coalition of faith leaders, immigration activists, and civil rights advocates came together to create a coalition that calls for an end to Berks County’s agreement with ICE and demands an end to family detention altogether. In this episode, we hear from three leaders of the Shutdown Berks Coalition - Jasmine Rivera, the Reverend Linda Theophilus, and Armando Jimenez. Jasmine, Pastor Linda, and Armando explain what life is like for people held at Berks, what the coalition has been doing to advance this cause, and why the work goes on even though the facility is empty today.

Take action by signing the coalition's petition to end family detention and all immigration detention. And follow the Shut Down Berks Coalition on Twitter and on Facebook.