HARRISBURG - The Pennsylvania House of Representatives today passed legislation requiring insurance companies to cover contraception, at no cost to consumers. Supporters of the bill, introduced by Rep. Leanne Krueger of Delaware County, hailed the bipartisan vote as a step forward for reproductive freedom in the commonwealth and for lowering barriers to contraception.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania is among the supporters of the bill, House Bill 1140, and issued a statement in response to the vote. The following can be attributed to Elizabeth Randol, legislative director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania:

“Access to contraception changes lives. And this bill will improve Pennsylvanians’ quality of life by lowering the barriers to contraception. It is heartening to see lawmakers from both parties support this common-sense legislation.

“When people can obtain contraception, it increases the likelihood that they can complete their education, live with financial independence, and get and keep a job. Nine of every ten women in the United States will use contraception at some point in their lives, and 65 percent of women of reproductive age are using it right now.

“This bill also ends the economic barrier that sometimes prevents people from accessing contraception. With economic inequality disproportionately impacting Black and brown Pennsylvanians, access to contraception is also a racial equity issue.

“We hope that the leadership of the state Senate will see this bill for what it is, a means to improve the lives of Pennsylvanians. Access to contraception is supported by overwhelming majorities of voters. Our hope is that the Senate will take this bill up in short order and swiftly move it for a vote.”