The average age of an ACLU-PA supporter is 65.  In order for the organization to remain strong in the future, recruiting the next generation of supporters is critical. Who will make up this next generation? What matters to the next generation of philanthropists and activists? Why should they choose to support the ACLU-PA?


The Next Generation Society (Next Gen) of the ACLU-PA is a group of activists, organizers, volunteers, fundraisers, and philanthropists who support the mission of the ACLU-PA and who challenge it to live its values - ensuring that all work is done through a racial justice lens. The ACLU-PA and Next Gen centers inclusivity, seeks out diverse experiences, provides and prioritizes learning opportunities and professional development for members, fundraises for the ACLU-PA, and invests time and capital to support smaller community-led organizations to help them build their capacity. This group acts as a pipeline for the next generation of ACLU-PA staff, board members, chapter members, issue experts, development committee members, cooperating attorneys, and volunteers to support the organization’s work.

Why be a member of Next Gen?

As an organization who has led the fight for equal justice and equality for all for over 100 years, the ACLU has the ability to effectively leverage change. The organization recognizes that the best it has ever done still hasn’t been enough. Next Gen supports the organization and helps it realize its goals of achieving equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in all work. Collaborating with, under the direction of ACLU-PA staff, Next Gen will work to advance financial stability of the organization, enhance community partnerships, and center the inclusion of marginalized communities in all of its work. Next Gen cultivates the next generation of supporters, partners, advocates and leaders to help promote activism and philanthropy across the state. 

Who is Next Gen?

Next Gen are younger (18-45) ACLU-PA supporters committed to the essential work the ACLU-PA does in protecting and expanding civil rights and liberties for all people. Nex Gen membership seeks to elevate those voices often underrepresented in consequential financial, policy, and social justice conversations. Next Gen leadership is diverse and inclusive; leadership positions are term limited thus increasing involvement and inclusion of many voices.

What Does Next Gen Do?

Next Gen works to advance the financial security of the ACLU-PA and foster relationships that will build a more diverse ACLU-PA membership. Additionally, Next Gen challenges itself to raise money for a fund that supports local nonprofits that share a similar mission but lack equal name recognition or capacity. Next Gen’s Fund Committee oversees the distribution of small grants to these community-led organizations. Next Gen redefines philanthropy by giving meaningfully to the organization through time, talents, lived experiences, passion, and/or financial support. 

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