Session: 2021-2022

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SB 738 would establish a useful, transparent mechanism to publicly monitor the status of the procedural steps required for a proposed amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution after the General Assembly passes the amendment in a second consecutive session and before it appears on the ballot for voters to approve or reject.

SB 738 would require that, in addition to the publication of a proposed constitutional amendment and its plain English statement, the Secretary of the Commonwealth must post to the Department of State’s website:

  1. A detailed account of each action taken to publish the proposed constitutional amendment;
  2. A copy of the notice and constitutionally required deadline;
  3. A listing of the newspapers in which the notice was published and the date of publication; and
  4. The earliest election date on which the proposed constitutional amendment may be voted on by the electors.

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Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill


2021 - 2022

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