Session: 2023–2024

ACLU-PA Position: Supports

SB 383 (PN 736) would prohibit the use of pre-checked donation boxes to solicit recurring campaign contributions from donors without their consent. 

Under current law, political candidates and committees are allowed to engage in deceptive fundraising practices, purposely obscuring a default feature of solicitations that automatically enrolls individuals into recurring donation programs. Instead of prompting supporters to choose either one-time or recurring donations, the option to provide recurring donations is pre-selected for them. Individuals who intend to provide a single donation, but erroneously overlook the fine print of the pre-checked recurring donation box, are alarmed to find additional donation amounts are being withdrawn from their bank accounts on a regular schedule, often monthly or weekly. 

SB 383 is a commonsense way to limit the ability of campaigns to default to recurring online donations, a practice that routinely takes advantage of older donors and first-time donors who are unfamiliar with navigating campaign fundraising platforms. It would instead require campaigns to obtain donors’ express agreement for the payment of recurring political donations.

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Senator Amanda Cappelletti



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