Session: 2023–2024

ACLU-PA Position: Supports

Pennsylvania's anti-SLAPP law is too narrow, too weak, and long overdue for an update.

HB 1466 (PN 1650) is a commonsense, bipartisan proposal that would protect all forms of First Amendment expression while making it easier for people to defend against frivolous lawsuits. Pennsylvanians deserve to speak freely without the threat of costly litigation standing in the way of their First Amendment rights.

The ACLU-PA has supported updating PA’s anti-SLAPP statute since 2014, when the first proposal was introduced as SB 1095. Since then, the ACLU-PA has worked with the Pennsylvania NewMedia Association and Americans for Prosperity–PA in a long-standing effort to advance this crucial update to PA law.

To read more about our collective support for HB 1466, visit our coalition website:

Speak Free PA

Check the bill's status here.


Representative Ryan Bizzarro



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