Session: 2023–2024

ACLU-PA Position: Supports

HB 1332 (PN 1771) would amend the Pennsylvania Election Code to require all state-wide and local-level ballot referendum questions involving a bond or borrowing measure to have a fiscal note included within the question, outlining specific information as it relates to the request. The information for the fiscal note would be developed by the Office of the Budget for state-wide questions. For local-level questions, the local government unit that petitions for the ballot question would develop the fiscal note.

The Pennsylvania Constitution requires that voters approve, by a statewide ballot question, any proposal to (1) incur public debt or (2) amend the Pennsylvania Constitution. Since 1958, there have been more than 20 borrowing referendum questions placed on the ballot. However, little to no financial impact information was provided to the public. When the Commonwealth proposes to incur public debt through a bond or borrowing measure, the use of that public money and the financial repercussions of such a measure should be clearly provided to the voters. 

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Representative Brett Miller



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