Join the ACLU of Pennsylvania

Over 458,000 people support the ACLU.

The mission of the ACLU is to assure that the Bill of Rights is preserved for each new generation. This year, more than 10,000 individuals will request assistance from the ACLU of Pennsylvania. One way you can help is to join the ACLU!

If you share our views, then you need to get involved by becoming a member of the ACLU. The only way to turn back these continuous attacks on civil liberties is with a strong and active membership.

In 1920, the ACLU was founded to protect us from the government responding to reactionary groups that wanted to set limits on the Bill of Rights. Since then, ACLU members have fought to protect those rights, not only for themselves and their generation, but for future generations of Americans.

Please join us today and help us continue to defend the Bill of Rights! Whether the ACLU will continue to meet these challenges is up to supporters of liberty like you.

A membership contribution of $20, $35, or even $100 from concerned Americans like you, who recognize the threats to our liberty and are prepared to resist, will help us maintain a vigorous and determined defense. The important thing is to join the battle. Nothing less than our most precious civil liberties -- our freedoms -- are at stake.

What's the difference between the ACLU and the ACLU Foundation?