LGBTQIA+ students often face discrimination and harassment at school from students, teachers, and administrators. School officials also may try to prevent the formation of gay-straight alliances - extracurricular clubs dedicated to supporting LGBTQIA+  students and educating the school and community about LGBTQIA+  issues. If you are experiencing difficulty at school, it is important for you to know your rights so that you can be your own advocate! Please note that the information and resources below are for public school students. If you have questions or believe your rights have been violated, please contact us for help!


  • Out in the Silence: A documentary that follows the journey of several LGBTQIA+  individuals in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania. One of these individuals - a former ACLU client - is a public chool student who has been severely bullied by his peers and discriminated against by teachers and administrators. If you'd like to bring this film to your school or community, please contact the producers or your local ACLU office!