The ACLU of Pennsylvania and Irv Ackelsberg of Langer Grogan & Diver filed a class action lawsuit on December 6, 2012, against the Democratic City Committee on behalf of Tracey Gordon, who was duly elected in May 2010 by her Southwest Philadelphia neighbors as their Democratic Party committee person in Ward 40B. At her first meeting, Gordon was physically removed by two Philadelphia police officers after a prepared resolution citing a bylaw barring unfaithful members from the party passed unanimously.

The lawsuit seeks to end the DCC practice of allowing ward leaders to nullify the election of committee members they don't approve. Gordon is joined in the suit by a voter who voted for her.


Irv Ackelsberg (Langer Grogan & Diver) & Mary Catherine Roper (ACLU-PA)

Date filed

December 6, 2012


Court of Common Pleas