A 2013 court injunction barred anti-fracking activist Vera Scroggins of Brackney, Pa., not only from properties owned by Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation, but all properties in Susquehanna County where Cabot had a lease to extract gas from under the surface of the land – which covered about 40% of the county and included the homes of some of Scroggins’ friends as well as her grocery store, auto mechanic, rehabilitation center, recycling center and even the hospital closest to her home.  

The ACLU-PA and co-counsel entered the case after the initial injunction to argue that the order was overly broad and violated Scroggins’ First Amendment rights. The judge narrowed substantially the injunction to prevent her only from remaining within 100 feet of an active well pad, and 25 feet of an inactive well pad, access road or access road entrance. The ACLU-PA withdrew from the case in April 2015.  

Press Releases


Scott Michelman (Public Citizen); Gerald A. Kinchy; Witold Walczak (ACLU-PA)

Date filed

April 1, 2015


Court of Common Pleas, Susquehanna County