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In Pennsylvania, every county has a different set of policies around elections. That means that the rules are different depending on where you live. 

For instance, voters in Philadelphia who make a minor mistake on their mail ballot packet are notified and allowed to fix their mistake. A Lancaster County resident making the exact same mistake would not be told and have no way of fixing that mistake.

All eligible voters in Pennsylvania should have the same chance to make sure their votes count - no matter where they live.

In 2023 election, almost 500 Lancaster County residents had their ballots rejected because of minor errors when submitting their mail ballots, such as forgetting to sign the outer envelope, omitting the secrecy envelope, or neglecting to write the date on the outer envelope. The Lancaster County board of elections did not notify voters that their ballots would be disqualified. 

Another 100 ballots were delivered after Election Day, either because of voter error or postal delays, and did not count. Lancaster County currently provides no drop boxes for voters as a secure alternative to the U.S. mail.

Given the much larger turnout expected in the 2024 general election this fall, thousands of Lancaster voters are at risk of being disenfranchised.

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(Lancaster County residents only)

The Lancaster County board of elections needs to adopt policies that ensure that eligible voters are not
disenfranchised for making minor mistakes with their mail ballot packet and that voters have access to a drop box as a reliable way of returning their ballot.

The Lancaster County board of elections should:

  • Promptly notify voters whose mail ballots will not be counted because the county has identified an error with the ballot packet.
  • Provide additional secure and accessible drop boxes for voters around the county, with 24/7 access and signage in English and Spanish.

We need you to help make sure that every eligible Lancaster voter has a chance to cast a ballot that is counted this fall.