Every day, we hear from advocates, reporters, educators, and students asking questions about how to find the best resources on school discipline and policing. Whether you want to research the issues, learn about successful campaigns, prepare testimony, prepare a media story, or work to improve school communities, this site is a great place to start. 

Endzerotolerance.org is loaded with presentations, sample materials, media stories, and links to videos, podcasts, policy statements, and research reports. In a few instances, we have taken official data and produced simplified spreadsheets illustrating a trend.
This site is curated, meaning that we are selective about what we post. We look for the most helpful and informative resources, not everything produced on the subject. We avoid posting resources that require payment or special permission, except for a few newspapers that grant a limited number of free views per month. Email us at  stpp@aclupa.org for recommendations to more in-depth resources that have restricted access.  
While reforms have been implemented in a growing number of communities, the culture spawned by “zero tolerance” remains very much alive. Today, “zero tolerance” refers to the array of policies and practices that mandate or facilitate the removal of students from school under a broad range of circumstances, not principally (or just) in response to weapons violations. Therefore, our campaign is named “End Zero Tolerance.”