Richard T. Ting


Senior Staff Attorney




He, Him, His

Richard T. Ting joined the ACLU of Pennsylvania as a staff attorney in 2021.  Prior to that, he spent most of his career in private practice with a focus on intellectual property law.  He left private practice in 2019 to pursue public interest civil rights work.  He spent a year as a volunteer attorney for the ACLU of Pennsylvania, then was a staff attorney for Disability Rights Pennsylvania before returning to the ACLU of Pennsylvania in 2021.  He also clerked for U.S. District Judge Cathy Bissoon of the Western District of Pennsylvania.  Prior to joining as a staff attorney, Rich had long been an active volunteer for the ACLU of Pennsylvania, serving on the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter board, as cooperating counsel in student free speech cases, and on various volunteer committees.  He earned his law degree from Harvard Law School, a master’s degree in toxicology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Brown University. (Pittsburgh)