Join us in celebrating Abortion Providers Appreciation Day on March 10. Here are two ways to show your gratitude and support:

  1. Print out this sign and write why you support abortion care providers and the work they do. Then, take a selfie holding the sign. Post your pic on social media with the hashtag #CelebrateAbortionProviders and tag us (@aclupa). Or you can email your picture to us (
  2. Download one of the graphics below, to post on your social media profile and share your message of gratitude for abortion care providers in the caption. Be sure to include the hashtag #CelebrateAbortionProviders and tag us (@aclupa). 
Red heart on orange background, crossed by a blue rectangle with the text "Thank you, Pennsylvania Abortion Providers!" Under that are drawings of three health care providers and the ACLU-PA logo.
Red heart on orange background. Text on heart reads Thank you and below the heart is a blue rectangle with white text: Happy Abortion Provider Appreciation Day

Click on an image to view in full size and download.

We'll share the images we receive or are tagged in on our social media channels.