Frankel-Adair Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently pursuing a degree, but I am taking time off. Am I eligible for the scholarship?

You are only eligible if you are currently matriculated and attending a post-secondary program. You will be eligible to apply when you return to school.

I work full time, but I am taking one course a semester. Am I eligible?

If you are formally admitted to a degree-granting program, yes. If, however, you are taking courses in order to figure out what you want to study, and are not formally enrolled in a program, then you are not eligible to apply.

I consider myself LGBT, but I have told no one. Can I apply?

Yes, you can. However, the terms of the scholarship are specific that it be used for LGBT students to pursue post-secondary education. You can use your personal essay to help us understand more about you and your personal situation.

I am not out to some family members. Do I need agree to allow my name to be used in scholarship publicity in order to receive the scholarship?

Although we prefer to be able to publicize the scholarship winner, we understand that in some cases, the recipient would prefer not to have their name used publicly. Agreeing to publicity is not required to receive the award. If a scholarship winner does not want to have their name publicized, it will not be announced.

Do I have to provide two references? I have one really good one.

Yes, we require two. However, both do not need to be from “professionals.” Someone who really knows you, and can speak to your skills, values, and character ( a friend, someone for a club or organization of which you are a part, etc.) would be appropriate.

I am completing my GED. Can I apply for the scholarship?

Not yet. Since the scholarship is specifically for “post-secondary education,” you must have your high school degree, or equivalent, before you can apply (and you must be enrolled in a post-secondary program).

Do I have to be in a college or university program to apply? I am enrolled in a program that will make me a certified nursing assistant.

No. The terms of the scholarship specify only that you be enrolled in a “post-secondary program.” As long as the program follows on after high school, you can pursue any type of educational program.

I grew up in Montgomery County and vote in PA, but I am studying outside the Philadelphia area.  Am I eligible?

Unfortunately, no.  You must be enrolled in a school or program in the area to receive the scholarship.

I don’t currently live in the greater Philadelphia area, but will be attending school in the region.  Am I eligible?

Yes, as long as you can provide verification of your matriculation (or planned matriculation) at a school in the region. However, we do give preference to applicants who are both from the area and studying here.

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