Directions to the Northeast Chapter Meetings

1. Traveling north on I-81 take exit 185 on the left towards the Central Scranton Expressway (0.4)
2. Merge onto the Central Scranton Expressway W-Pa.-3022 W (0.7)
3. Turn Slight Left to take the ramp towards Central Scranton/Steamtown Mall (0.2)
4. Merge onto US-11/PA.307 (0.2)
5. Turn Right onto US11/Jefferson Ave. Pa. 307 (0.2)
6. Turn Left onto US-11/ Mulberry St/Pa-307 (0.3)
7. Turn Right onto Wyoming Ave.

1. Traveling south on I-81, at exit 191B, take ramp (Right) onto US-6 Bus. (Roosevelt Highway) towards US-6/Scranton Expressway (0.4)
2. Keep left onto Ramp towards US-11/Scranton Expressway (0.1)
3. Take Ramp (Left) onto US-11(Congressman Joseph M. McDade Exp) (3.4)
4. Turn Left (North-East) onto Wyoming Ave.

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